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Lifestyles SKYN Condom, a premium quality condom brand under the LifeStyles brand, is a recognized condom manufacturer in Australia. SKYN condom is a new dimension condom produced with premium grade POLYISOPRENE.

The world's first polyolefins (material used to make medical surgical gloves), which are durable, soft and thin, form a soft and natural feel, rather than rubber latex. nature SKYN condoms are clinically proven to be as close as they are to a condom. Those who have tested SKYN condoms for the cent.

SKYN condom is the softest condom in the world.

What makes you have to buy SKYN skins:

1. SKYN condoms made of synthetic latex. 'Polyisoprene' Premium-grade materials No natural latex ingredients.
2. SKYN condoms use the same material used to produce surgical gloves. It has a thin, flexible, flexible. The tight fit with the shape of your men very well.
3. SKYN condoms help women to experience better natural Like men do not wear condoms.
4. SKYN condom without odor Many people do not like.
5. SKYN condom is an alternative condom for people who are allergic to natural rubber. And people do not cause allergies or irritation.
6. SKYN condoms are a good sexual health product. At affordable prices
7. SKYN condoms are accepted by many countries around the world. Including Japan who do not sell foreign condoms except SKYN condoms.

The original SKYN Original condom is a smooth condom. Standard Male 52mm. Cylindrical, soft touch, soft, sexy, spontaneous, gentle, all movement and touch. No irritation or irritation. Ready to try something new to block it.

Size: 52mm (Width) (Standard)