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Trarad Rad is from an herbal extract to prolong ejaculatory period. Unlike Anesthetics, it's natural ingredients are put together so it does not contain Benzocain and Lidocain therefore has no long term side effect to the soft tissue.

- Gives added staying power to men.
- Needs no medical consultation or prescription.
- Is applied simply and discreetly in spray form.
- Has been medically tested and is clinically
- Proven to be safe and effective
- spray directly on to the head of the app. 5-15 minutes before intercourse
- can be used with condoms
- not a cure for premature ejaculation but can help quickly and effectively

Shake the bottle then slightly spray LAD-Spray round the wanted area. Allow 10-15 minutes for the lotion to take effect then wash off the dry lotion with clean water. Please note that water catalyste the effectiveness of the herbal compounds so cleaning with water is a must.