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BOND ENJOY MANHOOD - GINSENG CARE (Men-s Intimate/Penis Wash, 75ML)

Company: BOND
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Product Code: 33625

Tk 500 / Tube

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Product Details


Cool Men Body Masculine Hygiene Intimate Wash Genital Odor Remover Penis Cleanser
Foreskin care, Intimate Skin Care, Penis wash, Removes Smegma (Anti-inflammatory, Soothing Moisturizing, Anti-Acne).

Sexy sensual scent. Reduce the itch from sweat. And the dampness is best. Clean all the stains to the penis better than conventional soap such as condoms,gel,lubricating oil,massage or even sweat and smegma better.
Suitable for young charming. With regular activities.

Cool skin, feel active. Gentle body gel than soap. But the cleaning is much deeper.
Effectively removes and prevents odors. (Confirmed by real users) nourish the penis with natural extracts. Good and not harmful to sensitive skin. It does not dry up tight.
Add sexy charm Playboy style to the penis effectively.

Suitable for people who like to exercise workout or sweat a lot.

Homosexual attractiveness heterosexual most.
Helps skin whiten.