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As Household Water Purifier is it most economy and better performance than Traditional Water Purifier or UV Water Purifier. This Household Water Purifier consist of Nano Silver Activated Carbon which can be ensure microbiological safety as well as chemicals contamination safety. It is not only can use as Household Water Purifier, it is most suitable in Garments Industry as well as Restaurant and others sector where huge water demand is require. Through the hi-tech nano-technology, the activity of silver ion is enhanced. After the activated carbon combining with nano-silver ions, its absorption capability on organic polymers is increased several times and disinfection efficiency is enhanced more than 2000 times comparing to the result from the silver added and silver impregnated carbons and several ten-times better than the chlorine effect in the tap water.

Nano Silver Activated Carbon absorb the residues of agricultural and chemicals elements. Inhibit the growth of bacteria more than 650 kinds. It is more efficient and more reliable than Ultraviolet (UV) Technology.